Installation Instructions

DiverGuard® is designed to be easily attached by any diver to any standard low-pressure inflator hose like those currently in use throughout the world.
If, after carefully studying these instructions and watching the video instructions at www.DiverGuard®.com, you are still not sure whether you can mount DiverGuard® correctly onto your own equipment, please ask for installation help at a local dive shop, or wherever you purchased DiverGuard®.


  1. Make sure your DiverGuard® does not have any obvious external damage.
  2. Connect DiverGuard® to the low-pressure inflator hose and observe as it runs a self-test.
  3. If the self-test ends with three flashes, go to step 5.
  4. If the self-test ends with fast, short blinks, please return the product to the shop for repair.
  5. Disconnect DiverGuard® from the low-pressure inflator hose.

Disconnecting the Old Inflator

  1. Disconnect the old inflator by cutting the cable tie that binds the low-pressure inflator hose to the inflator.
  2. Pull the inflator off the hose.
  3. If there is a cord in the inflator hose, remove the metal pin from the inflator and release the cord.

Connecting DiverGuard®

  1. Please check your old buoyancy compensator inflator hose diameter. There are two standard sizes for buoyancy compensator hoses. The DiverGuard® fits the smaller size. An adapter is supplied to fit the wider size. If DiverGuard® fits directly onto your BC hose, proceed to the next step. Otherwise skip to step 13 and return to step 10 after you have completed it.
  2. If you disconnected the cord from the inflator in step 8, you now need to reconnect the cord to DiverGuard®.
  3. Remove the metal pin from DiverGuard®.
  4. Thread the metal pin through the loop at the end of the cord and return the pin to its place.
  5. If your BC hose is wider than the DiverGuard® connector please use the adapter provided with your DiverGuard®. The adapter should be placed such that the DG logo is in the same direction as the DiverGuard® logo on the device.
  6. Push DiverGuard®’s plastic tube into the low-pressure inflator hose.
  7. Tighten the cable tie around the rubber hose to secure it to DiverGuard®’s plastic tube.
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