The Team

Netanel Raisch, CEO (Management and Marketing BA, Law MA, Computer Engineering)

Netanel has vast experience in developing both large companies and small startups. In addition, Netanel has significant marketing experience, and for many years he held the position of International Marketing Manager at International company. Netanel was awarded one patent and has more than 10 patent applications pending, including those pertaining to the DiverGuard technology.

Nir Bloch, CTO (Mechanical Engineer, diving instructors’ instructor) 

A former Navy seal and an instructor of diving instructors, with 30 years experience in underwater engineering. Nir is a developer of military diving gear and has a unique combination of diving and production engineering experience.

Arnon Chait, Chairman (PhD. Physics/computational sciences, MBA corporate finance)

Arnon is a co-founder and CEO of biotechnology companies in Cleveland, Ohio. Arnon’s expertise covers physics, engineering and bio-sciences, and in addition to serving in the above roles, still manages to be a NASA scientist and a university adjunct professor.


Alan Bauer , IP manager (PhD Bio Chemistry, BA – Harvard Magna Cum Laude) 

Alan is an IP expert and has over 25 years’ development experience. Alan has applied his patent knowledge to help DiverGuard build up its IP portfolio and aggressively pursue an international patent strategy.  Alan is also an inventor on five US patents, four of them being in the field of human diagnostics.

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