DiverGuard’s reliability matches the standard used in life-saving equipment. The electronic components in this device are on-par with the electronics deployed in medical devices such as ECG and cardiac pacemakers, and like these life saving devices, the DiverGuard is completely trustworthy.


Even with the careful manufacturing process and stringent quality controls deployed by us, DiverGuard®, like any man-made apparatus, has the potential to malfunction. For such cases, we offer this troubleshooting guide. You will notice that troubleshooting for DiverGuard® is similar to fixing problems with any BC inflator, except that additional systems need to be checked.

A divers’ main concern with any standard inflator is that it might float a diver up to the water’s surface unnecessarily. This can happen when a power inflator valve is stuck. In such an event, the diver should immediately disconnect the low-pressure inflator hose from the inflator.

DiverGuard® designers have taken every precaution to avoid such a scenario; however, upon the small chance that a stuck valve does occur, it can be halted by immediately by disconnecting the low-pressure inflator hose from the inflator.

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