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DiverGuard® is the ultimate safety device, which alerts if a diver is in distress. The diver could alert by himself or, if the diver is unable, the DiverGuard® will do it for them.
In case no one responds to the alert, the DiverGuard® takes control to commence an active rescue and inflates the diver's BC to bring them to the surface.

DiverGuard® was developed in Israel, intended for the independent rescue of divers without external intervention. In the event of serious respiratory problems during diving, DiverGuard® jumps into action. The electronic development of DiverGuard® was led by engineers at the forefront … Continue reading

When DiverGuard® identifies that the diver is not breathing properly, it initiates a series of actions to alert the diver and enlist the help of the diver’s buddy to remove the diver from the water as quickly as possible. The … Continue reading

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